My 30th Birthday Trip to Mexico…

So following my post on celebrating 30, next came my big birthday trip!

I wanted sun, sea and sand, and that is certainly what we got.

Mexico is a wonderful place, however, you have to love humid weather. I have travelled to Houston,Texas many times in my life, which has a similar type of heat, however, Sam unfortunately, had never experienced this kind of humidity before, so he did take a few days to adjust which was a struggle for him on top of the jet lag!

On the second night he popped back to the room for something and ended up falling asleep – leaving me in the bar with the company of cocktails!

We spent the first few days chilling out by the pool, (adjusting) and of course getting that all important base coat!

Our hotel was beautiful, complete with seven different restaurants, watersports and a gym, the usual amenities for an all inclusive.

Those who will know me, know that when I am on holiday, I get more energy from the sun, so ironically… it’s my favourite time to exercise. So I enjoyed waking up each morning to attend the yoga and pilates sessions, followed by a workout when it started to cool down around 5pm at the gym.

A few days in we decided to get out of the grounds of the hotel, so we hired a car. After doing a similar thing in Rhodes, we expected scenery, things to look at. However, disappointingly we were faced with a large concrete highway.

That said, we did managed to climb the worlds largest temple. I am not too keen on heights so while Sam lead ahead like a monkey, I very slowly creeped up step by step – ensuring I didn’t look down!




We had another day out dolphin swimming. We were completely ripped off, not only on the entry price, but they take these amazing photos of you and the dolphins (banning the use of your own cameras) and then try to sell them to you for $500! I managed to haggle them down and came away with a couple for £45! Ridiculous I know, but it is not something you get to do everyday. (I really should get them framed for the price!)

During our time in the hotel we had fun watching the Americans dance around the pool (spring break style), sipped many cocktails, ate lots of food and I actually managed to finish a book! I was hooked on The Alchemist! I really recommend the read, especially when drinking from a Pineapple!




On one of our last nights we wanted to eat in the French Restaurant, however, Sam didn’t have any suitable trousers to wear. We noticed the dress code was quite lenient so tried our luck. REJECTED! Luckily a man then got let in with sandals (also banned). So Sam politely kicked off, explaining the other man had been let in and that it was a special birthday for me.

After ten minutes of debate, the manager said he had something even better for us, and lead us down to the beach where a private hut was waiting, with our own waiting staff in candlelight. I have to say this was one of the highlights of my trip.



Overall we loved the Mexican experience, but wish it would have been a little more traditional and less modern.

Here are some of our moments from the trip…