An endless passion for business, for success,
for discovery, for people, for life.

A true entrepreneur at heart and believes in helping the younger generation to gain confidence and succeed in their own businesses. Realising there was not enough help out there for young people and start up businesses so having been through the process herself she started ‘Time2Shine’ to assist others with this.

She has also been a weekly columnist for East Anglian, a model and is involved in community projects and local charities.

Rachel started her first business at the age of 23 from her bedroom at her parents house.

After deciding to climb the career ladder, starting in a publishing job, she decided against university and through hard work and determination she became a manager at 18 after 5 months in her first job.

Whilst working for several large firms, she gained further experience in various industries and after studying a home course in HTML.

She saw a gap in the market to create a one stop marketing agency and founded Apparition Marketing and Design in 2009.

Knowing she wanted to grow she invested the income from her first jobs into setting up an external office two months later.

Within seven months Rachel was awarded the East of England Young Businesswoman of the year.

In 2010 Rachel was given her own business column in the “East Anglian Daily Times”, East Anglia’s largest regional newspaper. Her column, ‘Water off a Ducks Back’, gave her the voice to demonstrate how the old eighties stereotypical power woman has been replaced by a new breed of businesswoman.

A woman who knows the value of a simple please and thank you. Who doesn’t choose to work with clients who are rude or unappreciative and who recognises that respect and success is earnt not by stepping on people but by working with them.

Inspiring others to achieve their goals
Martial Artist

This gave her the inspiration to start her next venture, Time2Shine, offering a mentoring service to young people and start up businesses.

After a few successful cases, this only inspired her to carry on and with an entrepreneurial flair, with a passion for publishing Rachel started next business, Bounce Magazine, in 2012.

Within three years the magazine has grown from a community magazine to one of the largest independent magazines in East Anglia, she runs this single handily and has won awards including best magazine design 2015.

She believes her success has been hugely helped by the discipline, structure and confidence she has achieved through over 25 years of practicing Martial Arts.

Rachel has always found she can draw from the strength the art has given her to achieve outstanding results.

Not only has she has won numerous titles including UK, European and Runner-up World Champion but she is now the one of the highest female Masters in Europe.

Most impressively she has performed for David and Victoria Beckham at their World Cup Party in 2002 and live on KBS news in Korea to 20,000.

Combining these skills with her strong moral values and a caring personality is what allows her to help other businesses to grow and achieve results.

In 2014 Rachel saw a chance to help her local community and has been championing local food and drink producers in Suffolk. She started The Suffolk Hamper to showcase and collaborate with others, which is something she strongly believes in.

Her latest venture is with artisan coffee creators Paddy & Scotts to which Rachel was given a 30% shareholding and is head of online retail.



A lion doesn’t concern itself with the options of sheep...
There is a lot to be said for that!

In 2015 Rachel started interviewing various celebrities for her magazine. With no previous experience she jumped in at the deep end and added a new string to her bow. She has since spoken with the likes of Will Young, Jimmy Osmond, Shakin’ Stevens, Corrine Bailey Rae and Rebecca Ferguson to name but a few. You can listen to all of her interviews right here.